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Medium: Comic/Movies
Fandom: Indiana Jones/Looking For Group
Subject: Benny/Indy
Title: I'm Bad News
Notes: The pairing is based off LJ Rping via dramadramaduck, so crossovers abounds.


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By investing in Evilco, how can a death ray aimed at the moon possibly go wrong :D?
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Apparently combining Scooby doo + Samurai myths leads to ROBOT NINJAS.

No, seriously. Robot ninjas. And they call them that.

God I laughed so hard.

Other than that, the accents seem uh- oddly racist, but I can't really tell. I've never met an Japanese person with an accent that thick before. It bugs me a little, but so far. It is fucking LAWLZ worthy over all. I keep finding myself snerking at some of the lines along with how utterly stupid it is. (Sword of DOOOM for example, GREEN DRAGON/Jade dragon and them trying to teach Scooby an shaggy how to be samurai >> Shogun Shaggy/Samurai Scooby Oh and the OMG NEEEEDED inclusion of element based gates)

Specially since they love throwing around the word samurai. CONSTANTLY. Its grating since they're only showing fighting via hand to hand, not actual sword play or any of the other elements samurai liked to actually do.

The arts, arranging plants, ect.

Oh no, it has to be about really stupid pitfalls and saying the word samurai a jillon times.

Yes, I nitpick, but I can't help it. This hurts me. Entertainingly.
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Now I'm curious, so bewareee would having a lot of comic book/TV/cartoon refs ruin a book for you guys or would you dig it? I'm mostly asking since the book I'm attempting to write, Which will probably never see the light of day. has a lot of comic refs, the first chapter I make maybe three comic book refrences not in a row mind you, but the character says it snarkily.


Makes me glad she at least chooses Saturdays to go copulate, the mall will be open till three. I can lurk and maybe go ‘window shopping’. They never notice me anyway. I just tug on a hoodie and jeans, an BAM inviso girl. My powers of being unseen TRULY come out when its date night for my mother and by mall security when I’m snatching candy bars.

The invisible woman would be proud.

This counts as two since I mentioned Gotham and Batman.

It wasn’t really that hard to get in the mall, since its summer still plenty of teens are there. We’re a weirdly sized town so an forever opened mall was a must since people being bored at three in the morning is a big no, no.
Especially when we’re close to being evenly matched with Gotham in the batshit crazy people department. All we lack is a caped man going from rooftop to rooftop claiming someone killed his parents and brooding rather loudly.

I'm half tempted to do a Harely Quinn ref next ether that or TMNT along with Usagi Yojimbo.

Tell me what you guys think, I'm honestly wondering. My non comic geek friend didn't really get the refs so- curious Sora be CURIOUS.


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