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Birthdate:Aug 18
☼ Basic Info About Me!.
Heh, hey guys. I'm Trix/sonicsora or just Sora depending on which you prefer. I'm 19 (inching slowly towards 20) and live in the U.S. Yes I am an American swine, but I'm an entertaining one at least.

My fandoms range from the usual, to the unusual, Brutal Legend, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Good Omens, Psychonauts, Usagi Yojimbo, Sly Cooper, Coraline, Digimon, Nana, Darkwing Duck, Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters, Disney Movies, Hell Girl/Jikgo Shojou and a hellva lot more. Check down below to see most of them. More to come most likely. I just keep finding more stuff to like! Eeesh! Will I always find new things to like!

Again, not much to say about myself, besides stuff you'll pick up from just chatting with me: I'm childfree, and no I don't need a man to make me happy or to change my mind, I'm asexual (Aka I don't want ETHER gender/nor sexually attracted to them. Even if I do enjoy writing porn ironically enough~), I'm cynical about most things as well as sarcastic, and a big TMNT fan. Its my main fandom most of the time. Though I'm prone to making a shit load of icons for any fandom that tickles my interest.

Personally I don't care if any of those things bug you, I'm considerably unbothered by your bluster over what I like. Sorry to say but get use to it. I'm pretty much a stubborn girl who rarely gives up on what she believes.

For any who think I don't updated a lot, lemme tell ya why, because my journal is friends locked from the general public. I like my thoughts to be my own. If I've friended you, I'll patch you into the more private stuff later on. If you wanna be friends with me anyway xD

Thanks for reading, hopefully I'll make some new friends who don't mind my crazy~

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Also for those who are interested in Usagi Yojimbo, check out the community I run: [info]uy_fanworks Yes anything and everything UY is allowed! Even the ever rare UY pornz.

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alternate realities, animals, animation, anime, anthros, april o'neil, art, asexuality, atheism, bad puns, batman, beyond good and evil, books, brutal legend, buttsex, cartoons, childfree, clinton kelly, coco bandicoot, coke a cola, colored pencils, comedy, comic books, comics, computers, coraline, cosplay, costumes, crack parings, crack!fics, crash bandicoot, csi vegas, cybersix, darkwing duck, daydreaming, dc comics, ddd, digimon, digimon tamers, discworld, disney, disney movies, disney's hercules, disneys hercules, dogs, donald duck, drawing, duck tales, dvds, fan art, fanart, fanfiction, folklore, food, free speech, frosting, gaming, gargoyles, ghostbusters, ghosts, goggles, good omens, greek mythology, harely quinn, heavy metal, hell girl, holly black, httyd, hugs, humor, indiana jones, indy, intelligence, internet, irony, japanese history, jokes, kim possible, kitty pryde, late nights, latin, laughter, leonardo, linkara, looking for group, lordi, making people laugh, manga, marvel comics, marvel slash, master splinter, melodrama, motorhead, movies, mst3k, music, mythology, nana, nightmare before christmas, ninja turtles, ninjas, ninjutsu, not working, novels, oingo boingo, one piece, pastels, penn and teller, penn and teller: bullshit, pets, photoshop, playstation, psychonauts, reading, reptiles, rock music, roleplay, rp, rpgs, rping, sadistic humor, samurai, scissor sisters, scott pilgrim, scrabble, sewing, sex, shiny objects, slapstick, slash, sleeping, smut, spiderman, spirited away, spoony, stacy london, stuff from the 90's, summer, tales spin, talking, tea, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tenacious d, terry pratchett,, the edo period, the internet, the killers, the spoony experiment, tmnt, turtlecest, usagi yojimbo, video games, video gaming, what not to wear, writing, x-men, yaoi, yuri
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