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As it is stated above, which costume should I go for? Halp.

Yeah, yeah, I know its my choice, but I'm so flip floppy when it comes to picking! Click the cut to see the costumes/characters in question.

...I probably should've added Daria in there, but no one would know that's a costume honestly.

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Brutal Legend x : 58

Silent Hill 3 x: 27

Usagi Yojimbo x: 7

Preview: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

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Preview: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Brutal Legend x 42

Psychonauts x 9

Usagi Yojimbo x 8

Random x 18

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Art done by:

Darthscribbles @ DA

Sonicsora/myself @ DA

Irish Neko @ DA

oOwhiplashOo @ DA
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Post contains icons from the fandoms:

Brutal Legend, Psychonauts, Silent Hill & Random such an such. Some fanart is used for icons, if you want to see the original pictures, the artists are listed at the end of the icon post. Click away me hearties, yo ho.

Previews: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

There are 243 icons within.

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For anyone who wants to crit my RPage, here is a link. Feel free to yammer at me. If I know your characters/you link me back I'll try to respond in the like.

So, uh go crazy.
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Dial up users beware, there is a shitton of icons below this cut. All Brutal Legend icons.

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Medium: Video Games
Fandom: Brutal Legend
Subject: Eddie/Ophelia
Title: A Broken Heart, Broken Guitar Strings
Warning: N/A
Notes: The original art used for the cover made by: o0whiplash0o at Deviantart. Her art can be found here:


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Lyrics for songs found here &
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Medium: Comics, cartoons, and movies
Fandom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Subject: Leonardo/Usagi
Title: The Beaten Path, Looking For You.
Warning: N/A
Notes: No real theme for this FST beyond it being my second oldest one. I finally stopped being lazy and uploaded it here.


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I can give you leeway most times because generally you are damned awesome. You're a fun game, I love you veryyyyyy much.

Today though, just color my experience rageful, so far you've managed to give me three idiotic driving missions as main story lines in a row. (well not REALLY a row, but its close enough for me to notice.) Put under an LJ cut so spoilers are considerably lessened for some. Look at own risk.

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With much disappointed lovin'

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Medium: Cartoon
Fandom: TMNT
Subject: Leonardo/Raphael
Title: A Little Hate For You
Notes: Obvious turtlecest and sexual themes, beware if you're a prude. This is more or less jokingly encompassing most Raph/Leo fanfics, the fact they break up constantly and get into trouble during it. Its a loving jibe on my part. As a foreword, the song Liar couldn't be included because I am a dope and bought it off itunes. Thus it's not downloadable. I apologize for vague false advertising.

All songs shown are downloadable, link at the very end of the entry.


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