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Why is it I can't say Irish wrist watch? WHYYY? sjdhahsaskajd. Damn it all I will OWN you Irish wrist watch! OWN YOU. GRAH.

I hate tongue twisters :/ They mock me so.

...And no that's not a typo in the title, I keep saying it that way even if I try to say it slow. Frickity frick. Yes, I know, do something constructive with your life Sora, not just struggle on a tongue twister and fail at it.
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Posting while I still can- Fugs sakes.

Fire still going (People evacuating yay!) getting a little too close to our house so if I'm on AIM talking to you than vanish that means the power went out/the internet went out.

Earlier when I tried to post this- the power went out again. I'm quickly typing while we still have any. Everything just clicked back on momentarily.

If I don't answer you, don't respond to anything. Ether power went out/fire got worse/we had to evacuate. For now we're close enough to have a red sky over head.

Oh the fun that shall be had...

Posted publicly so everyone can see.

See you guys soon.
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I- Dude, someone- please explain to me why this was EVER fucking approved. Please.

Click on the picture for a close up. Because its worthy of 10+ WTF's.

Turtles don't have facial hair, nor really giving a flying shit about the music scene. I'm sorry to say Playmates/Mariage, but they don't. They're FUCKING ninja's. When the fans can see that MORE clearly than the creators there are problems.

Fuck you guys, I'm moving to Canada and living in a box >>


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