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Anddd that's pretty much the whole movie xD

Fft, happy youtube Monday my lovelies.
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Just so I can use this icon, anyone who likes LFG and RPing, go bug [ profile] reiiji He is plotting something, the sinister sir! SINISTER I SAY.

Eh, mostly if you think you could help him plot rpage stuff go comment on his current entry and pester him.
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Apparently combining Scooby doo + Samurai myths leads to ROBOT NINJAS.

No, seriously. Robot ninjas. And they call them that.

God I laughed so hard.

Other than that, the accents seem uh- oddly racist, but I can't really tell. I've never met an Japanese person with an accent that thick before. It bugs me a little, but so far. It is fucking LAWLZ worthy over all. I keep finding myself snerking at some of the lines along with how utterly stupid it is. (Sword of DOOOM for example, GREEN DRAGON/Jade dragon and them trying to teach Scooby an shaggy how to be samurai >> Shogun Shaggy/Samurai Scooby Oh and the OMG NEEEEDED inclusion of element based gates)

Specially since they love throwing around the word samurai. CONSTANTLY. Its grating since they're only showing fighting via hand to hand, not actual sword play or any of the other elements samurai liked to actually do.

The arts, arranging plants, ect.

Oh no, it has to be about really stupid pitfalls and saying the word samurai a jillon times.

Yes, I nitpick, but I can't help it. This hurts me. Entertainingly.


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