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Dear Japan:

You will always make youtube Fridays epic. Please carry on with baffling the hell out of me.


Much love, Sora.

And yes, another rare public post, scary ain't it?
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I'm horribly tempted to do something vaguely MST-esq on the TMNT movie, though its already been touched upon by both the Nostalgia Critic and the Angry Video Game Nerd. But I could always just skip to the newest one, it has much to mock and the general ganglyness the turtles have in it make it so easy. Ether that or the old cartoon since people keep giving me the DVDs. I appreciate it really, but I kinda like the new cartoon a little better. The melodrama of giant ninja reptiles who are color coded entertains me. Fweee. I like the blueeeee one.

Other then that I've gotten an Indiana Jones calender(Its very shiny, has the initial prop from the movie Indy wanted), an a new Usagi Yojimbo comic and I've been writing a lot more surprisingly(Geisha's are apparently my new writing thing, eesh). So my life is pretty good even if my stomach rebelled today. It hates burritos. Damnnnn you burritos.

Other then that, I have hopes of Disneyland during Christmas time, though that's doubtful. Prices go up 50% during December like you wouldn't believe. Sheesh. Well at least Nightmare Before Christmas will have taken over Disneyland again. There is no escape from that during the holidays. First they take over during Halloween annnn at Christmas. Good thing I like the series otherwise I'd be driven crazy.

Yay public entry.
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Oh yeah, college is looking better an better already...

Well at least I know one of my friends would excel at the first course mentioned. She's a nitendo nerd as is so all would work out.
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I- Dude, someone- please explain to me why this was EVER fucking approved. Please.

Click on the picture for a close up. Because its worthy of 10+ WTF's.

Turtles don't have facial hair, nor really giving a flying shit about the music scene. I'm sorry to say Playmates/Mariage, but they don't. They're FUCKING ninja's. When the fans can see that MORE clearly than the creators there are problems.

Fuck you guys, I'm moving to Canada and living in a box >>
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I.. Am frightened by the fact this exists...

Yes I know, old post is very old. But WTF man. what the fuck... Playmates, are you trying to make me weep?

Buying playmates/4kids stuff is like an abusive relationship, I keep coming back and they keep beating me with a hot poker...

Even if I mentioned it to katt, I still wanna know why the hell we can see the bottom of his plastron? Is he like wearing crotchless pants?


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