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Medium: Comics, cartoons, and movies
Fandom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Subject: Leonardo/Usagi
Title: The Beaten Path, Looking For You.
Warning: N/A
Notes: No real theme for this FST beyond it being my second oldest one. I finally stopped being lazy and uploaded it here.


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Medium: Cartoon
Fandom: TMNT
Subject: Leonardo/Raphael
Title: A Little Hate For You
Notes: Obvious turtlecest and sexual themes, beware if you're a prude. This is more or less jokingly encompassing most Raph/Leo fanfics, the fact they break up constantly and get into trouble during it. Its a loving jibe on my part. As a foreword, the song Liar couldn't be included because I am a dope and bought it off itunes. Thus it's not downloadable. I apologize for vague false advertising.

All songs shown are downloadable, link at the very end of the entry.


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Even if its just a link to my newest DA update its still an adorable link that demands hugs and sushi. You know you wanna obey zee turtle!
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As a warning there will be turtlecest, slash and general buttsexing in this thar post. For anyone not inclined to any of the above. PLEASE leave. Also none of this is BETA'd so expect fail.

Title: Thursdays
Rating: R
Pairing: Leo/Raph
Summary: Leonardo muses over the oddity of Thursdays and Raph's love of wrestling.
Warnings: Sex, sex and more sex. And some wrestling too.
Fandom: TMNT

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Title: Mac and Cheese night
Rating: R
Summary: Revenge is a dish best served with macorroni and baseball bats.
Warnings: Blood, gore and murder. A little femslash on the side.
Fandom: N/A, Original fic.

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Title: A shift, a sway
Rating: PG
Pairing: Hercules/Meg
Summary: His cape having already fallen away to the marble floor underfoot. It kicked away by the hero wordlessly as they exchanged a kiss. - Fluff, horrible fluff.
Warnings: Fluff, doomy fluff.
Fandom: Disney's Hercules

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Title: Teddy
Paring: Donny/Mikey
Summary: Donny muses over how much work he's been doing.
Warning: Moar fluff, oh god the fluff.
Fandom: TMNT

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Title: Get over here
Pairing: Hercules/Meg
Summary: It was the closest thing to love
Warning: Very short~ Fluffy
Fandom: Disney's Hercules

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Title: I'll keep you safe.
Pairing: Hercules/Meg
Summary: Herc wakes up from a bad dream.
Warning: Mentions IC character death, is really short. Not done.
Fandom: Disney's Hercules.

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Title: A brown turtle
Fandom: TMNT 2007 GCI movie
Characters: Splinter, Leo, Raph, Mikey. Kidlet turtles though~
Prompt: Brown
Word Count: 620
Rating: G
Summary: After an adventure Splinter finds his sons bickering about who's at fault for their baby brother's perdicamint.
Author's Notes: *snorts* This is loosely based on the prompt brown, started out pretty random~

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